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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Pledge

Taking TMP's Pledge, trying to clear out unfinished lead (painting myself, paying to have them painted, or selling/trading off). Will reduce my pile 1.5 figures more than I buy this year. & using 25mm as the unit of measure, all figures will be converted into that scale (e.g. 4 6mm figures will = 1 25mm).

So far I've bought:

90 6mm Battletech Infantry figures = 22 25mm figures * 1.5 = 33 figures that I now have to get out of my raw lead pile by the end of the year

5 15mm monsters * 1.5 = 5

2 25mm (clown & messanger monkey) figures * 1.5 = 3 figures

Total raw lead to be reduced= 41 figures